The Streets of Mumbai

Once upon time on the streets of the old city of Mumbai there was a lady who uses to stroll on them daily, her fast-paced walk uses to slow down the wind and her every breath uses to cool the sun down. She was strong and independent, she was determined and new, everything she never had she dreamt about it and everything she will never have were already forgotten.

Her grit brought the city down, she was rising like the sun in the East and she had no chance of slowing down.

She was a bird but then she got married.

She was caged in the shackles of marriage and marital burden but her tale was not forgotten. To this day, the streets of Mumbai miss her stomping feet, the railways miss her sigh; she too didn’t forget her favorite city; she talked of Mumbai like it was the tale of yesterday, she looked at the pictures of…

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Vogue Empower My Choice: What the criticism actually did to feminism

A post those should read who are confused about their views on Vogue Empower #MyChoice. This has clearly opened my eyes. We have to stop becoming our own enemy.

This Is My Truth

Update dt 5-Apr-2015: This blog has gone viral, reaching a total of 2.20 lac people through Facebook, over 70,000 page views and over 10,000 Shares. I’ve been blogging for 10 years, and this week all records broke when it received 32,541 page views on a single day. That’s 22 page views every minute. Thank you everybody who shared this post and made it a viral. Special mention of film maker Anurag Kashyap and actor Atul Kulkarni both shared the link on their Facebook pages.

The Vogue Empower video titled ‘My Choice’ featuring Deepika Padukone and 99 other women, from different walks of life, has already taken way too much space than it deserved. And yet, I feel the need to defend it. Allow me to explain why.

My first reaction:

The video was released on Saturday and when I first saw someone sharing it, I didn’t even bother to open, just…

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Tip #2

Alright! If Joey Tribbiani does not share food, we don’t too!

 My advice to all my fellow mates reading this, you don’t have to share your food! Why? Because….you should enjoy the meal that is in front

of you, that is yours. Nobody else will eat.

OKAY? (And please don’t think I am saying don’t give the poor and stuff.) The food we are given is supposed to be enjoyed by oneself. I hope you all will take this tip/order/request seriously. Thank You.

 Snow Day Meal

Snow snow snow! Who does not love snow? And then who does not love good food on such days?

On such snowy and windy days an Irish Latte does the best to bring down those chills. With every sip of the latte you get a buttery smooth taste in your mouth and believe it’s HEAVEN!

WSnow Day Mealell obviously, the latte won’t fill our belly! So what we need is a good Smoked Chicken Sandwich with some jalapeños to spice it up and a single cheese slice would make it altogether perfect!

And to end the chilly winter weather matter, lets have some shots! NO! Not tequila shots (well that would have been nice too! :P) but Belgium Chocolate Shot! It’s kind of a chocolate mousse but you can take it like a shot, one big shot.

Obviously you need that Apple for your entertainment. Don’t you? 😀

And after that snow day meal, enjoy the snow! 🙂

Tip #1

Take this tip as seriously as possible. It’s a tip, it’s a request, it’s an order!

NEVER DIVIDE YOUR GOL GAPPA IN TWO HALVES AND EAT. Gol Gappas were meant to be eaten in one hell of a big bite. Nobody bites their Gol Gappas. Its one at a go or nothing.

There is a reason they are called Gol Gappas.


And that’s how your face should look ‘ROUND AND SWOLLEN.’  🙂

The Cocoberry Dilemma.

The most Imperfect yet the Perfect
The most Imperfect yet the Perfect

What comes to your mind when you see ‘Cocoberry’? Frozen Yoghurt? Well, it’s not just that! Its much, much more.

What happens when you enter cocoberry and get confused? What combination to choose so that you enjoy all the flavours? Well the answer is here.

The thing that matters the most is the type of toppings you choose, because if the topping is not right the blend is not perfect. With Chocolate yoghurt, the toppings should be more on a non-chocolaty side, because then it becomes too chocolaty! And we wan’t to enjoy the yoghurt more! 🙂

With flavours that are more on a sour side like Berry Blast or Mango, the topping should obviously contain chocolate! because without chocolate there is no dessert! Is there?

The chocolaty toppings consist of brownie pieces, cookie dough pieces, cadbury bars, kit-kat bars and chocolate syrup

The non-chocolaty toppings consist of a wide range of toppings, m&ms, gems, apple figs, berries, jelly squares and many more!

So the perfect Cocoberry comes from the most imperfect yet the perfect combinations!

In the image you will see a combination of berry blast yoghurt and chocolate yoghurt with 4 toppings, two non-chocolaty and two chocolaty. Apple figs, frozen berries, kit-kat bars and brownie pieces to top it off!

                     -Snigdha Bhardwaj